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New Arrivals @ Collectors Corner : DC 52 New Era Continues Wednesday - 10/05/2011

Momentum is Building here at Collectors Corner where we have ALL of the DC 52 Titles In Stock at Cover Price. This week from the New Era of DC Comics 52, #2 Issues have arrived along with in demand reprints of Sold Out #1 titles including : Action Comics #2 (Rags Morales Regular Cover), $3.99 Action Comics #2 (Ethan Van Sciver Variant Cover), AR Animal Man #1 (Travel Foreman 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Animal Man #2, $2.99 Batwing #1 (Ben Oliver 2nd Printing Variant Cover) , $2.99 Batwing #2, $2.99 Detective Comics #1 (Tony S. Daniel 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Detective Comics #2, $2.99 Green Arrow #1 (Brett Booth & Rob Hunter 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Green Arrow #2, $2.99 Hawk And Dove #1 (Rob Liefeld 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Hawk And Dove #2, $2.99 *Huntress #1 (Of 6), $2.99 Justice League International #1 (Aaron Lopresti 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Justice League International #2, $2.99 Men Of War #1 (Viktor Kalvachev 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99 Men Of War #2, $3.99 O.M.A.C. #1 (Keith Giffen & Scott Koblish 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 O.M.A.C. #2, $2.99 *Penguin Pain And Prejudice #1 (Of 5), $2.99 Red Lanterns #1 (Ed Benes & Rob Hunter 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Red Lanterns #2, $2.99 Static Shock #1 (Scott McDaniel & Jonathan Glapion 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Static Shock #2, $2.99 Stormwatch #1 (Miguel Sepulveda 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Stormwatch #2, $2.99 Swamp Thing #1 (Yanick Paquette 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99 Swamp Thing #2, $2.99 *These Limited Series were not Officially part of the initial 52 Relaunch but they are in the New Era continuity!

CC Online Store - Just Added on (10/01/2011) Search for items and Pick Up at the Store!

Just ADDED CC Online Store to Collectors Corner to serve those who can't make it into the store on a regular basis. Most items can be picked up at Collectors Corner if you are local to the Baltimore, MD area. Call 1-800-979-3353 before ordering. CC Online Store

Collectors Cornered #11 - Annapolis Comic-Con & Customer Reactions to DC 52.

Collectors Cornered #11 - Annapolis Comic-Con & Customer Reactions to DC 52. Collectors Cornered is a weekly video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a different point of view and get instant feedback from real customers on New Comics Day, as we literally corner them and and ask questions about comic books and related topics. Unscripted, reality CC. This week, we go to the first ever Annapolis Comic Con! Then we see what our customers have to say about the fourth week of the new DC 52. Bleeding Cool - Article Link

Fall into Savings Toys & Back Issues Sale! (10/07 - 10/09)

Fall into Savings Toys & Back Issues Sale! (10/07 - 10/09) ALL BACK ISSUES in the Case, Vault & On the Walls 60% Off. ALL $1 Comics in the Bargain Basement will be 50 Cents Each or 3 for $1 *(Fill a LONG Box for $75!) BASEMENT OPEN ALL 3 Days! ALL Toys & Statues New & Vintage 25% Off Marked Prices. *(Excludes only New This Week) Includes ALL Carded and Loose Action Figures in the Bargain Basement as well! All Marvel & ALL Independent New Comics : (Back Issues Older than 2 Weeks) $1 Each or 15 for $10. *(Excludes DC Comics)

CC Membership Wednesday's Recruitment Drive!

Are you a card carrying Free Member or a Free Subscription Member at Collectors Corner? If not why not?!? If you are here's your chance to bring new readers into the store and show off Comics and everything else you love about the store while benefiting from adding to the awesomeness! Existing Member Bonus : For every New Subscriber you personally bring into the store to sign up on ANY Wednesday in Sept/October during this Drive for a Subscription Membership will earn you 5 Punches on the Wednesday Bucks Card good as $5.00 Cash to spend in the store. If you are not a member you can come in any Wednesday in October and sign up to receive all the Awesome benefits of being a free member or a Free Subscription Member at Collectors Corner : SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP: IN-STORE & ONLINE - Sign up for 5 monthly ongoing comics titles, trade paperbacks, manga or magazines and receive 10% off all comics & games purchased and never miss a subscribed title again! FREE MEMBERSHIP CARD (IN-STORE): This card is for the avid reader or gamer that purchases trade paperbacks and graphic novels or games regularly. SIGN UP for this card, no deposit required and save 10% Off any TRADE PAPERBACK or GRAPHIC NOVEL or GAME purchased for life. New Member Bonus : When Pick up a Wednesday Bucks Card as a new member ANY Wednesday in Sept/October 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th you will get 5 Punches on the Wednesday Bucks Card good as $5.00 Cash to spend in the store. What are you waiting for? Get over here! Event Details - Facebook