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Pathfinder Battles Miniatures : Pre-painted Boxes, Bricks & Cases.

CC New This Week Games Spotlight : Pathfinder Battles Booster Boxes, Bricks & Cases. Single Small Boosters : $3.99 EA = 1 Med Figure or 2 Small Figures. Single Large Boosters : $5.99 EA = 1 LG Figure. 1 Brick factory sealed with 16 Standard Boosters Packs & 3 Large Boosters. $75.00 Per Brick. 1 Case factory sealed contains 4 Bricks which totals 64 Standard Boosters and 12 Large Boosters. $249.99 Per Case. *Free Large Black Dragon *(Shown Above) with Purchase of 1 Boosters CASE.

CC Spotlight Video : New Arrivals - 01/04/2012

CC New Arrivals Spotlight Video - Highlights and Featured New Arrivals this week 01/04/2012 at Collectors Corner "The Coolest store in Baltimore!' Since 2001.

New this week Toys and Collectibles including Walking Dead TV Series 1 Figures, Venom Vinyl Bank & Fig Arts Dragonball Z Vegeta Action Figure. New this week Games & Accessories including Gamemastery Map Packs, Ascension Storm of Souls Card Game Expansion, Mansions of Madness : Forbidden Alchemy Expansion & more. New this week Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels include The Annotated Sandman, X -Force Vol.2 HC, Fear Itself HC (Complete) and many more. Staff Pick Comic : Fatale #1 by Ed Brubaker, & Comic Spotlight : Action Comics #5 featuring the DC 52 Re-dux of Superman's Origin by superstar writer Grant Morrison!

Collectors Cornered #20 - Christmas & Year End Wrap Up 2011!

Collectors Cornered #20 - Christmas & Year End Wrap Up 2011!

Collectors Cornered is a weekly video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a different point of view and get instant feedback from real customers on New Comics Day, as we literally corner them and and ask questions about comic books and related topics. Unscripted, reality CC. This week we feature footage from our Christmas Eve Sale starting at 9:00 AM on Dec 24th along with customers shopping and enjoying the tremendous savings of our Annual X-Mas Eve Store wide sale. This year 2011 was a great year for Comic Books all around. Sales were way up and DC Comics did the unthinkable and rebooted their entire line which was a resounding success here at CC. Comics have been trending up even as talk of digital content grows we are seeing no loss of readers to that format that we can calculate. Some big movies helped drive sales like Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern, even if they weren't all fan faves or box office smashes, awareness is awareness. We also celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary in 2011, a major milestone for the store. As always we look towards innovation, expansion, improvement and the ultimate in customer service and experience at the store. Wait til you see some of the things we are working on for 2012. Free Comic Book Day was huge in 2011 for us with over 5,000 people through the doors and we are looking at making it an even bigger event this year. We were also nominated for an Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award which was a great honor and we are hoping for a repeat or even a win this coming year! Thanks to everyone near and far that shops at "The Coolest store in Baltimore!" Since 2001. Remember Kids, Comic Books are awesome, paper comic books that is. Stay Tuned for next week’s Collectors Cornered #21 - Typical Wednesday. Seeya Next week! Continue the discussion in the forum here on BC, or on our CC Facebook and Twitter.

The New Year 2012 Celebration Sale! (01/06 - 01/08)

The 2012 New Year Celebration Sale! (01/06 - 01/08) 40% Off MTG Card Singles & YGO Card Singles. 60% Off ALL Back Issues! (Includes Case & Vault) 50% Off ALL New Comics Older than 1 Month. 60% Off ALL DVDS! (New & Used) ALL DC Direct Figures $5 Each or 5 for $20. ALL SoftCover USED & OVERSTOCK Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels $5 Each or 7 for $30. ALL HardCover USED & OVERSTOCK Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels $10 Each for 4 for 30. Three MASSIVE Racks to Choose from 1 Used up Front and 2 Overstock in the Back Room & Basement. ALL VIDEO GAMES 60% Off. ALL MANGA 50% Off. (NEW Shelves Only) ALL Back Issues in the Basement normally $1 Each or 15 for $10 will be 50 Cents Each or 30 for $10 or Fill a Box for $50. *Excludes only New This Week or Last Week Comics, Trade Paperbacks, Toys & Statues, TCGS and CMGS + Supplies.

Happy New Year 2012 from Collectors Corner! OPEN Tomorrow - SUNDAY (1/1/2012)

Happy New Year 2012 from everyone here at Collectors Corner "The Coolest store in Baltimore!" Since 2001. Have a Fun, Happy & Safe New Year. We'll see you tomorrow on (Jan. 1st Sunday) we are OPEN Regular Hours 12:00 NOON - 6:00 PM. Dave will be announcing some New Years Day SPECIALS so keep your eyes fixed on this page for details Coming Soon...