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Return of the $1 Back Issues Sale! (04/15 - 04/17)

Return of the $1 Back Issues Sale! (3 Days) 04/15 - 04/17 $1 Comics 15 for $10 or FILL a LONG BOX for $125 That's 300+ Comics for $125. All NEW STOCK, NO JUNK like other stores bargain bins! These are Comics with Guide Values of $5 and higher. In the Basement - ALL Back Issues $1 EACH Or 15 for $10 & FILL a Long BOX for $125. In the Store - ALL NEW COMICS Older than 2 weeks will be $1 Each Or 15 for $10. In the Store - ALL Back Issues in the Cases will be 50% Off (Excluding Only Consigned Comics) Including - An ALL New Collection of 1960's - 1980's Marvel & DC Comics, Legion Of Super Heroes, Superboy, Tales from the Crypt, Haunt of Horror, Mad Magazine #4, X-Men #'s 55-100, Avengers Vol.1 #'s 80-125 & many, many more. In the Store - In the Back Issues VAULT ALL COMICS will be 50% Off Stickered Prices. More BOXES Added from the 3 BRAND NEW COLLECTIONS being processed in the BASEMENT that are NM/MINT Complete RUNS of MARVEL & DC COMICS from 1974-2011.

Hey Ladies! Get Nerdy - JOIN the GOCC!

GOCC - Girls Only Comics Club at Collectors Corner! Meet fellow female comic book readers, discuss comics & pop culture in an uber friendly & fun environment. Attend once per month meetings to discuss a pre-selected Book of the Month and other topics + enjoy Club Discounts and Special Events & Sales! All are welcome to JOIN. View our Facebook group and ask to join!

New This Week Comic Spotlight : Nonplayer #1

Nonplayer #1 - Image Comics NONPLAYER is the story of Dana Stevens, a young woman who retreats from the dismal workaday world of the future into the digital fantasy realm of Jarvath, where she's a fearless warrior. Dana is not alone in her pursuits, however, and before long her adventures begin to cat-and-mouse back and forth between the two worlds. Collectors Corner's entire Staff was really impressed by this book. The story is engaging and the Art & Coloring are amazing resembling a hybrid of Moebius & Geoff Darrow that is very unique.

Variant Cover Contest!

To celebrate Collectors Corner's Unique Godzilla Variant, we want you to design our next unique variant! Come in and choose one of many of in-stock Marvel blank cover variants for $3.99 and design the funniest, most unique variant we’ve ever seen. Scan the cover, post it on Facebook and Tag us! Win a $50 gift card for 1st, $30 gift card for 2nd and $20 gift card for 3rd! Feel free to incorporate staff members and the store’s likeness for the contest. Originality counts! We will be grading on a combination of creativity and humor. Contest ends April 26th, winners will be announced April 27th, the release date of the Collectors Corner LE Godzilla #1 Variant!