You Should Be Reading: Adam Wreck

Alterna Comics made news when they announced a series of affordable new creator-owned books to be released on old fashioned and glorious newsprint. As the first wave of books sees stores, I look to the very entertaining Adam Wreck, by Baltimore-based artist Michael S. Bracco.

The sons of super-geniuses, Adam is your typical aloof and disinterested kid, especially considering he’s been drifting out in space with his parents for the 2 years. Wishing for some excitement, he unfortunately gets his wish when they meet and alien vessel only to discover that those within are pirates! Escaping alone while his parents are captured, he crash lands onto an unknown planet filled with bizarre and dangerous creatures and sees himself embroiled within one the galaxy’s greatest mysteries; The Trillion Star.

Fans of Bracco’s previous work like Creators will find a lot to enjoy here with strong pencils and inking that suits the space genre perfectly. Coupled with a fun and clean story, this book is not only suitable for all ages, but also capable to bring out inner space explorer in all of us. Issue #1 of a 3 parter, Adam Wreck stands out among a strong lineup of other Alterna Titles. Highly recommended, this was a seriously good read.

Posted by Cesar
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