Weirdworld Is the Best Book in Marvel's Secret Wars!

Weirdworld is THE hidden gem of the entire Secret Wars event from Marvel. Featuring writing by Jason Aaron and dynamically exciting art by Mike Del Mundo, it's a true mishmash of what a Battleworld should be. Rather than simply returning to old arcs like many other SW entries, Weirdworld instead opts to create a wholly fresh world while working with the characters and ideas of decades of Marvel publishing.

Following the warlord Arkon, Secret Wars' Weirdworld has our hero searching through the bizarre and very dangerous lands of our titular domain in search of a way out. As he encounters ferocious beasts and hostile denizens, Arkon perseveres as only a vicious warlord can and slashing and killing his way through perhaps the deepest and most reference heavy book Marvel has done to date. To say that there are obscure appearances is an understatement; this reaches back in ways that only the most well-read of Marvel readers will comprehend at first read-through. While this perhaps will turn off more recent readers, it exemplifies the sheer breadth of content that Marvel and, indeed, all major comic publishers have beyond the mainstream hero and horror books dominating shelves and boxes today.

Where Weirdworld excels is in the unpredictability of where Arkon will end up next. A detailed map listing the previously explored areas of Weirdworld by Akron hints at some of the more easily accessible takes on Marvel revisions but where he ultimately ends up by issue's end is always exciting and at times, like the AMAZING final act of issue #2, so mindblowingly awesome that it had me digging through my long boxes to revisit a cult book. While only 3 issues in as of this posting, Aaron and Del Mundo have made probably the most unique and darkly beautiful mini from the Big 2 all year.

- Cesar

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