Predator: Life and Death 1

Predator: Life and Death #1

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Brian Thies

This first part of a four issue miniseries jumpstarts the Life and Death arc which will encompass multiple Alien and Predator branded comics from Dark Horse. Setting the stage, we see a group of space marines entering the airspace of the planet Tartarus to protect mining right and land claims from the Weiland-Yutani Corporation. Finding a quiet world but signs of their adversaries having at least arrived, they are ill prepared for what is lying in wait.

The setup for the book plays out how Predator films, books, and comics have been for years; a surprise attack sets up a battle where humans are woefully under-prepared to deal with the greatest hunters in the universe. While the book doesn't really bring too much to the table as of yet, it does feature some solid art from Thies who has experience adapting cinematic franchises to page with his work on Star Wars: Legacy and the potential for a strong female lead in Captain Paget as written by Abnett. While this book pretty much amounts to the introductory scene of a Predator film, those who liked Fire and Stone or the Predator in general, will find a lot to like in this week's introductory issue.

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