MTG Guilds of RAVNICA Pre-Release Weekend @ Collectors Corner HQ

MTG Guilds of RAVNICA Pre-Release Weekend @ Collectors Corner HQ

"Stand with Your Guild”

The story gears up for the final showdown with Nicol Bolas. On Ravnica, whoever you are — soldier or scientist, merchant or spy — your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it!

Choose Your Guild!

We’ve got a full weekend of Pre-Release EVENTS (3) lined up for you and we’re excited to bring you the details below :

1) Midnight Pre-Release #1 - MIDNIGHT - OPEN 11:55 pm on 9/28/18

*Starts (MIDNIGHT 9/29/18)

First 25 in Line at 11:55 PM to Sign Up will be able to Choose a Free Ultra Pro Deck Box or Solid Color Playmat (Various Colors).

2) Saturday - Afternoon Pre-Release #2 - 12pm (Noon) on 9/29/18

3) Sunday - Afternoon Pre-Release #3 - 12:30pm on 9/30/18 Pre release #3 is a Two Headed Giant Event

Entry Fee - $25 for each Event, Store Credit/ Gaming Bucks may not be used towards Pre-Release Entry Fee. Free PIZZA provided & Refreshments (Soda or Bottled Water, 1 Per Entrant Per Day) for all three Events.

*Pre-Register for each EVENT for $24 each up until Thursday 9/27/18

Save $1 off by Pre-registering & guaranteeing your spot in the event.

3 Day SPECIAL Pre-Registration Price - SIGN up for all 3 days before Thursday 9/27/18 before the Pre-Release for $70.

In addition this MIDNIGHT event will be capped at 30 players. Our LAST few Midnight Releases Sold Out, so if you want to play in this event, please pre-register. The Entry Fee will cover your seeded Pre-Release pack to build your deck, land, and of course adding 2 prize packs to the pool per person. As always it will be a 4 round tournament and prizes are based on record with a 2-2 receiving prizes.

NOTE - The point of a Pre-Release is to get new cards into as many players’ hands as possible. We will not be “playing it out” with a few top players getting all the prizes. That completely invalidates the purpose of the event.

We will also be giving away at least 3 Door Prizes at each event that may include Playmats, Card Sleeves or Deck Boxes. Enjoy Collectors Corner's comfortable spacious Gaming Area & friendly atmosphere.

Prizes - Based on attendance.

Format - Format is Sealed Deck.

Inquiries and questions to or call CC HQ 410-668-3353

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