Mother Russia #1 Review

In the harsh winter of 1943, the second World War has come to a standstill when the dead have come back as flesh-eating zombies. Legendary Soviet sniper Svetlana lives a lonely existence from the top of a tower where she takes shots at the undead through her scope when she sees something she hasn’t seen before; a young child in the middle of the undead. With a new purpose, she sets out to rescue the child but finds more than she bargained for when she meets other survivors; the soldiers of the German Axis’ Powers.

Alterna puts out this fan favorite series, written by Jeff McComsey. Previously released in trade, this newsprint edition is perhaps one of the more high profile titles from their new initiative. With stirring art and a blistering pace, the first issue of Mother Russia plays out like a feature film. Using good visual storytelling, we get an idea of exactly what it is Svetlana has been doing and of what Svetlane is capable. Expertly paced, Mother Russia is one the best books on the shelf this week.

Posted by Cesar
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