Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink #1 Review!

90's kids rejoice! The pink power ranger, Kimberly Hart is back in her own six issue miniseries, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink.

The first issue opens with Kim in a locker room after a victorious gymnastics competition at the Pan Global Games. We quickly learn she is no longer an active ranger but she looks back on those days with nostalgia. Those who closely followed the original television show will recall in season three, Kim leaves the rangers to train for this exact competition. (This sets this series in a separate time line from the current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, in which Kim is still an active ranger.) When her mother fails to show up to watch her perform, Kim begins to worry. She may not fight along side her friends anymore, but she still has her bow and she springs into action.

She rushes to her mother's home only to discover that the town is deserted. Something sinister is at play and there is no sign of her mother, or anyone else for that matter. Kim is on her own for this mission. Thousands of lives rest upon her shoulders. Can she go at it alone?

Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo's cleans lines paired with Sarah Stern's colors create a lively, gorgeous comic full of pink undertones matched with vibrant greens, blues, and oranges. Di Nicuolo has mastered the art of action sequences and delights in expressive faces. Authors Brenden Flether (Batgirl) and Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms) know how to write a cool, spunky female superhero and they don't disappoint. This is a fun all ages read- perfect for tweens and veteran ranger fans alike.

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