Haunted Mansion #1

Haunted Mansion #1

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jorge Coelho

The Disney/Marvel comic machine continues with Haunted Mansion, based on the iconic Disneyparks attraction. Our book begins with a young teenager, Danny, recounting the locals' history of the infamous mansion on the hill with his adventurer grandfather. Weary and timid, Danny is a far cry from the brave role model beside him and they make a promise to explore the creepy house together just as soon as his grandfather can return from his latest planned excursion. However, in true Disney fashion, his grandfather is killed while on a mountain and Danny finds himself lonely and depressed. Things change when a mysterious apparition tells him that his grandfather's ghost is trapped within the mansion and under threat by an infamous pirate and Danny finds that to free his grandfather, he must face his fears and enter the Haunted Mansion!

Writer Joshua Williamson, no stranger to the horror genre turns in a fun, adventurous, and altogether enjoyable first issue that not only sets up the world in a way that is both light on exposition but deep in nostalgia; those familiar with the ride itself will find a number of fun references within the pages of the art. Another great strength is the detailed and dynamic penciling from Portuguese artist Jorge Coelho; it partially invokes memories of the ride but also clearly of the mood of youth adventure books. Perhaps the greatest strength of these Disney Worlds series of minis, the book is wholly accessible to a much wider audience outside of the superhero set. Paired with top notch talent like Williamson and Coelho, this is another much better than average read fresh on the heels of the the terrific Figment books and Big Thunder Mountain. 

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