Free Comic Book Day May 2nd 2020 FAQ/RULES : Waiting In Line

FCBD 2020 FAQ/RULES : Waiting In Line

Customer FAQ/RULES :
Camping out & Waiting In Line for
FCBD at both CC Locations -

Line Up Close to the Curb and not against Business Buildings.
Please do not put up Tents or Canopies until after
9PM Friday May 1st and take down before 7AM.

Persons in Line are handed a numbered ticket in order that they arrived in line, Tickets will be handed out at 12 Midnight at CC Parkville HQ & 6AM at CC Bel Air) You May LINE UP as Early as you Like.
*We will not allow those in line to hold or reserve spaces with groups for any reason, anyone showing up after their friends or group will line up in the back of the line in numbered order.
Do not Cut In Line, you will be asked to go to the back of the line.
Customers may leave to use the Portable Toilet behind the store at CC Parkville or in store Bathroom at CC Bel Air.
Officers on duty will take tickets from persons using bathroom or stepping out of line for any important issue such as re-parking, paying a meter etc and then return ticket when customers return waiting only 20 Minutes Max, or you risk losing your place in line and will be asked to move to the back of the line.
You must remain in line other than the above mentioned exceptions, if you go home to nap or sleep in your car or take a ticket and go home and show back up before opening you will lose your place in line.
FREE Numbered Bags will be handed out and exchanged for NUMBERED Tickets to those in line when BAGS are Handed out SHORTLY before the STORES OPEN 
(9AM in CC Parkville HQ & 9AM at CC Bel Air Outpost)
If you are NOT IN LINE with your Numbered Ticket when BAGS are handed out you will not get a BAG, the BAG will be given to the next IN LINE after Cut Off at each store for each person not present with THEIR TICKET in hand at the time that BAGS are given out.
Be respectful, this will be a fun day for all so please follow these simple rules, NO Jumping in line!
CONES will MARK the LINE, follow the cones and stay to the inside or outside of the of the cones as instructed.
Do Not Litter or Drop Trash.
LINE Forms at Collectors Corner Parkville HQ this year In front of the store to the LEFT of the Door facing the store and continues across Linwood Avenue and then restarts back onto Harford Rd & Linwood's corner, down the block towards House of Kabob.
Do Not Lean Buildings or block doorways.
LINE Forms at Collectors Corner Bel Air In front of the store to the Left of the Door facing the store and continues down North main Street and wraps around the building by the Armory Building and lot entrance.

Do Not Lean Buildings or block doorways.

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