Day Off Fun!

Even when we're not working at the store, comics are never far from our mind. Or my mind, at least. Marvel recently released this awesome coloring book to tie in to their Secret Wars event and possibly the adult coloring book fad. This book has EVERYTHING. Stickers, posters, stamps, two different coloring books, and a black and white version of the original Secret Wars #1 fire you to color, all wrapped up in one edition. It is a wonderful piece of '80's nostalgia. Of course, what's the fun of a coloring book if you're not going to use it? 

Since I had the day off, and a copy fresh from Comic Con, I figured I'd give it a run.  I picked the first picture, because the beginning is a very good place to start, a picture of Spider-Man and Wolverine being attacked by Kang and Doctor Octopus, a situation I'm sure must have occurred at some point in history.  I got Spidey, Wolvie, and Doc Ock pretty easily, but Kang represented a problem.


I wasn't entirely sure where the pink (Actually, I ended up using a color called Wildberry) ended and the green began.  Luckily, there's this new contraption called Google and I just looked it up.  I also added a little bit of background color and a logo for Spidey's shield.  All part of my imagination!


There was still something missing, though.  I figured it out though.


They're not doing me like Kirby.  It's a fun time, and relaxing, too.  You can pick up the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book at the store.  You won't be disappointed.

By Bryan Levy

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