Collectors Cornered #26 - Inhaling Aquaman & Annapolis Comic-con!

Collectors Cornered #26 - Inhaling Aquaman & Annapolis Comic-con! Collectors Cornered is a weekly video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a different point of view and get instant feedback from real customers on New Comics Day, as we literally corner them and and ask questions about comic books and related topics. Unscripted, reality CC.

This week, we feature footage from the vantage point of our booth from the Second Annapolis Comic Con which has grown into a very crowded 2 Day convention in the Southern area of Maryland. See costumes, creators and retailers enjoying the con along with a walk through of the dealer room on Sunday. Then CC Store Manager Dave shares his love for the current Aquaman series and issues a challenge to willing artists in the industry or anyone willing to draw Aquaman inhaling someone's face right off and tweet us @CCMD_ComicsShop using hashtag #ccaqinhale with the finished artwork! Aquaman should have very strong lungs so it stands to reason that in the fictional DC Universe he should be able to inhale someone's face if he were really, really mad. Continue the Collectors Cornered discussion in the forum on BleedingCool, or on our CC Facebook and Twitter!
Posted by Dennis