CC Back for More Back Issues Sale! All 3 Stores (9/29 - 10/1)

CC Back for More Back Issues Sale! All 3 Stores (9/29 - 10/1)  *50% Off ALL Bagged & Boarded Back Issues Not Dated Within 30 Days. *80% Off Bagged & Boarded Variant Covers Not Dated Within 30 Days. $1 Comics only 50 Cents EA or 3/$1. Fill a *Long box for $75 Fill a *Short Box for $50 *(Does not Include Price of a New Long box or Short box you can Bring your own if you like.) *SALE EXCLUSIONS : Excludes Subscription Box, Subscribed Titles and Special Orders, Pre-orders, Items on Hold, New Comics, Candy, Snacks & Refreshments, All Sealed Trading Card Game Products - Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, Pokemon, etc, All Collecting Supplies & Accessories for Comics and Gaming, Dice, Playmats, Maps, FUNKO POP and Sealed Blind Box, Blind Bag Figures, Video Games and Consoles, RPG Miniatures - D&D Miniatures, Pathfinder Miniatures, and Reaper Bones Miniatures, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, ALL Clearance Items PLUS any Back Issues, New & Vintage/Used Merchandise or Restocked Items Dated on Price Sticker Within 30 days of Arrival in Store.

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