Another Castle Review

Andrew Wheeler's Another Castle immediately dives into the action: Princess Misty's handmaids are preparing her for a ball when she suddenly stabs a fluffy pink bird through the heart with her sewing scissors. The bird disappears in a puff of smoke revealing it to be a shadeling, a shape shifting trickster sent to spy on the castle.

Misty suspects the dreaded Badlug has resurfaced and will once again threaten the kingdom. Ten years ago he abducted Misty's mother, ultimately costing the queen her life. Misty springs into action despite her father's protest but things go terribly wrong and Misty is taken captive by Badlug's minions.

The highlight of this first issue has to be Fogmoth, Misty's demonic jailor with a sensitive side. He has never had to actually do his job since Badlug usually just kills his prisoners. Without much to do, Fogmoth has developed a passion of baking.

The bright colors and soft lines give the comic a cheerful cartoon style, which fits well with this young adult comic. I would recommend this to ages 12 and up. 


Posted by Aly
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