Collectors Corner Holiday Staff Pick!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift idea? Evan and Cesar of Collectors Corner hit you with OUR picks for great gifts this season!

The Klaus Hardcover, is both an excellent thematic gift, as well as an exciting alternate look into the history of Santa. Grant Morrison's contribution to the modern lore of St. Nick is a thrilling read with impeccable illustrations. -Evan, Bel Air and Parkville

In Spider-man Blue, Spider-man has rarely been better than this excellent book from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Taking a look at the history of Peter Parker's relationship with Gwen Stacy, this series is equal parts exciting and emotional and cuts to the core of Marvel's most well known superhero with a romanticism and tenderness that exemplifies the best of the character. -Cesar, Parkville and Downtown

The Illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets would be a great gift for new and seasoned Harry Potter fans alike. A great way to get a child excited about reading, with art by Jim Kay that breathes even more life into the expanded universe of the British Wizarding world. -Evan

Japanese Master of Horror Junji Ito brings us Cat Diary, a unique look at the famed creator's attempts to connect with the typically standoffish pets of his girlfriend. Couple with the exquisite art Ito is known for with a healthy dose of black comedy, Cat Diary is a manga for animal lovers and the pet averse alike. -Cesar

Nightmare Before Christmas Plushies are a fantastic stocking stuffer for the horror fanatic in your family, and any number of our pop culture themed magnets would fit snuggly over the fireplace. We also carry Mopeez of various other types like Futurama, DC Comics, and Horror for the discerning plushie-phile on your list. -Evan

FUNKO Mini Blind Boxes: With characters from movies, games, and of course comic books, these collectible mini figures and bobbleheads are perfect to decorate desks or fill stockings. -Cesar

You can never go wrong with a nice comic book or pop culture related Tee, available in all of out locations. Specially priced at $10 each or 3 for $25, It's one of the best ways to show your love for a character that will be guaranteed to see use throughout the year. -Cesar

For Stockings go for Funko collectable pins! DC playing cards! Pop pens!  Oh my! -Molly, Parkville and Bel Air

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